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My name is Anthony and I am originally from sunny old England I started the whole travel thing when I was 30. My 20s were spent working in London as an I.T. Contractor and a corporate slave.

I have been working online since 2005 and have spent a lot of that time away from the UK. Travel changed my view on life and I quickly realised that working for big business and climbing the corporate ladder wasn’t for me.

Hobbies and Interests

I guess it goes without saying that I love travel. I also have a great passion for the Internet while trying to avoid being a total web geek.

I enjoy surfing whether it be at my favourite beach in England (Woolacoombe Bay) or anywhere else. I first learned to surf in New Zealand in 2003 during a one year round the world trip. I have since surfed in Australia, Bali, Malaysia, Southern Spain, France and of course Devon & Cornwall in England.

I love also love hiking and being in the mountains. I have a lot of time in the back country of New Zealand and have completed popular long distance hikes like the Camino de Santiago in Spain.

You can find out more about my long distance hiking at Ant Hikes.

Away from the outdoors I enjoy watching sport, in particular rugby, cricket and tennis.

I love music and watching live bands. Anything from REM in London’s Hyde Park, Reading Festival or a small up and coming band in the Dublin Castle, Camden, North London.