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A Working Nomad in Training

Ive been given the opportunity to ride on the coat tails of the working nomad for awhile in order to give his readers a different (less successful) point of view on the whole WN thing.

Ive been doing the Adsense thing for a year and a half and have yet to break that magic $100/month mark though Im starting to come close to it. Ive used one affiliate for 3 years with limited success and keep meaning to explore the world of affiliate marketing but keep getting too lazy to actually do something about it. Plus I have a few other ideas up my sleeve in an attempt to make some cash off my sites.

Like most of you, my ultimate goal is to be earning enough from my sites to be able to pack in my job, find somewhere cheap and fun as a base and travel loads while continuing to build creative, helpful sites. I fully expect to quit my job well before Im earning enough to live comfortably.

The plan is to save up some money to subsidise the first few months of the move and then I hope that by working on my sites full time I’ll be able to boost my earnings and be able to support myself soon after I make the move.

Webby has had loads of success with his sites and is a great example of how to do things right. Im a work in progress and our hope is that you will enjoy reading about a relative newcomer’s attempts at web success and learn from my successes and failures along with me.

If I can manage to make a go of all of this I think it really will prove that it can be done!