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A taste of the high life (in baggy trousers)

I am sitting in one of the maddest thunder storms in Bangkok as I write this and looking forward to flying tomorrow to KL and getting back down to some serious work.
I have not done much work this week as I have been seeing off various friends and doing a bit of partying here. KL is ideal as a work getaway because of the free Wifi, calm surroundings and lack of any real backpacker nightlife!
Yesterday I unexpectedly got invited to have cocktails on the roof of the Banyan Tree skyscraper (the highest open air bar in the World). It was all very nice (and expensive) but was also particularly embarrassing as I turned up in my normal casual traveller attire having not been told about the very strict dress code.
The staff were very charming but I broke all their dress rules – no backpacks, no sandals and no shorts.
There cannot be many elite bar / restaurants in the world that will provide you with clothing to allow you entry rather than simply turn you away. Unfortunately my new trousers were about 10 sizes too big and I had to wear the most ridiculous sneakers ever!
It was all very amusing and I had my picture taken by my fiend’s friend which will hopefully be emailed to me at some point and uploaded for your enjoyment.