A better alternative to social games?

Well, not all of them – but a specific type, especially popular among US, Australian, and Canadian players. I’m talking about social casino apps, which are always among the top grossing apps in the above mentioned countries. DoubleDown, Big Fish Casino, Slotomania, and other similar games, are played by millions each day, generating revenues worth hundreds of thousands for their publishers. I’m not saying they are not good games – they are great in their own field, a worthy way to kill time online. And a lot of fun to play, too. But is there a better alternative?


Have you ever tried the “real thing”?

Slot machines, blackjack, and their likes – these were all real money games long before they turned into social ones. You could play them in Vegas, or other gambling destinations, or online, in real money gaming venues. But online casinos always had something extra compared to land-based ones: you could, for example, head over to the Euro Palace online casino, and play free slot machines with no time limit, no real money, no ads, and none of the annoying “share your progress” and “ask for help” crap that drives me nuts.

Euro Palace is about online entertainment in a form that appeals to millions of players all over the world – and it involves real money. Players from all over the world can head over to the Euro Palace website for a quick – and free – gaming session, or register an account, make a deposit, and play the same great games for real. Euro Palace offers its players not only the chance to win for real, but also a series of bonuses and other benefits, as well as periodical specials worth playing for. Their game library is massive, with fresh games added to the list each month.

What makes real money gaming better?

Well, it’s certainly not the “real money” part – although many people enjoy just that, the thrill of actually playing for a stake. But if you don’t count the wins, they still offer a superior casino experience to their players.

The real money gaming industry has a history (meaning experience) of over two decades. It also has a series of experienced developers constantly working to improve the players’ satisfaction. Because real money gaming is all about entertainment and player experience – nobody would be willing to play games where they can lose their money if those games wouldn’t be fun to play, right?

Real money gaming venues offer their players a much larger variety of games, too. After all, many of them have spent the last two decades growing their game library. Euro Palace has over 700 games to offer at this moment, but there are others that have over 1,000 slot machines, blackjack tables, and other games for the players to explore. And all of them can be played for real, but for pure fun, too.

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