New look Working Nomad forum

I have been working away on the forum recently and have given it a make over although I have not actually finished the top banner yet!

Most importantly the search function is now working so visitors can tap into the wealth of information that has been posted.

We have almost 10,000 posts to search through now with some great advice for budding working nomads!

Check out the forum here and if you are a new user then don’t forget to email me after you have signed up so I can activate your account.

Things appear to be back on track

Well after a bumpy December things appear to be picking up thankfully this month. January is usually a pretty good month in the travel sector as people plan their holidays for the year and dream off far flung places.

Talking of people in far flung places it is good to see an old friend hit the road as a Working Nomad. is in Manila, Phillipines living the dream. Be sure to follow her Asian adventure on

I am finding it much easier these days to work and have a good routine of working at least every weekday morning and most of the afternoon. I am sure this has contributed to an overall improvement.

Having said that I have just come back from a weeks walking in the Tongariro National Park! That’s why I continue to enjoy self employment.

500 up for the working nomad e-book!

Today I have reached a minor milestone of selling 500 E-books online. I wrote the E-book two years ago and have updated it at various stages with new information.

Most of my buyers have been from the USA and I experienced a big push in sales during August 07 when CNN Money wrote the article about

I have been thinking about approaching publishers for a while now to produce a hard copy with more general information about being a working nomad and feel that 500 copies sold on my own should provide a good backup to my quest.

The E-book is still for sale and can be purchased here….