Google PR updates and things

HouseFirstly here is a picture of my new (used) car that I purchased from the Internet auction site trademe here in NZ and my house in the background.

Things are going pretty well and I have a couple of people helping me out now on a casual basis. It will be a while before I can see if it has all been worth getting extra help but the additional productivity has been a welcome boost. It has also helped me focus more.

There appears to have been a Google PR update. To be honest I have long lost interest in the value of PR. It appears to only add value if you are selling links which is something I no longer partake in!

I think WN has gone back up to PR5. The site appears to alternate between PR4 and 5 these days. Traffic on the site is up and steady though but ebook sales have virtually come to a halt since the CNN boost in August.

As for me I have wheels now and off later to look for a surfboard and wetty so I can get out in the ocean again. Summer seems to be here now so its all good!

Update from Auckland

I have been in Auckland for three weeks now and have found somewhere to live. I am staying in a big house share in the suburb of Ponsonby which is one of the nicer areas of the city. My house has 14 other rooms so lots of people to meet!

I have not really been doing much work over the last few weeks, been too busy meeting people, watching the Rugby and looking for a car / room etc

This is the first time in two years I actually have signed a contract to live somewhere!

So my friend joins me two weeks today and it will be back to business of websites. Quite looking forward to getting stuck in again and introducing someone else to the world of online marketing.

Friends you meet on the road, gone but not forgotten

Anyone who has travelled a lot or done the working nomad thing will have probably met many great friends on the road. This is one of the high points of travel and has certainly opened up my mind.

For instance I recently met a guy from Zimbabwe who certainly gave me an insight into his country that you would not see on CNN or the BBC. I have met people from all corners of the globe and feel very privileged that working remotely has allowed me to do this for so long.

The downside is the intense friendships you have knowing that the person or yourself is moving on somewhere else. After two years I have grown a little frustrated with this to be honest. You almost get into a state where temporary friends become the norm.

I think it might also have a negative effect on a persons ability to maintain longer term relationships but that is just a hunch of mine.

As you know my situation has changed and I am now in a house share with people that live and work in Auckland rather than just passing through and I am lucky enough to be somewhere with a great bunch of people. Being stationary is also enthusing me to get on with work.

So I would be interested in how other people feel about this. It is just as relevant to people that have just travelled as well.