Million dollar this and Million dollar that

Webby nr homeI have not put up any photos recently so I thought I would throw this one up taken last week in Southwold, on the East coast of England.

So I have just invested $100 of my hard earned money in a page on a website that is quite new and the idea not so new! Milliondollarwiki is a another MillionDollarHomepage spin off but with a difference. You own a page (or wiki) where you can do what you want.

I have invested in this page: with a view of turning it into some sort of resource for the English language.

My challenge is to make this one of the most popular pages on the site! I started off a few hours ago at 422/422 but now I am up to 411/422 so the only way is up!

It may be the biggest waste of 50 United Kingdom pounds ever but you never know. Sometimes you have to speculate on these things.

One thing is for sure; the owner is going to make quite a bit out of this!

Starting an online business with a very small budget

One of the great things about making websites for online income is that you don’t have to spend much money initially to get things up and running. In theory you could spend nothing providing you have access to the Internet!

So assuming you have access to the Internet and a PC or Laptop you can have a site up and running in minutes. There are two ways of doing this.

1. Using blogger or similar service

Simply go to and sign up for a new blog and you are away!

Once you have your blog up and running then apply for the Google Adsense program and look for affiliate programs to promote.

2. Creating a traditional website with a domain name

This is the better option in my opinion but will involve a small outlay of money.

– You need to buy a domain name and the pay for hosting. This can be done very cheaply these days and there is a plethora of budget domain name and budget hosting options.

– You will need some sort of web page editing software to create web pages and perhaps an image editor.

– You will need some FTP software to upload your site.

So lets see how cheap we can make this.

Domain name and hosting

With we can register a .com domain name for free with 6 months hosting for a total of $23.94 (1&1 Beginner Package).

Web page and image software

A great free image editor is the open source Cost $0.00

For making web pages a free authoring software that competes with Dreamweaver / Frontpage (not free) is;a Cost $0.00

FTP software (to upload your web pages)
FTP commander is a simple FTP program that can also be downloaded onto a memory stick / flash drive. The Demo version is free and has no restrictions.

Cost $0.00

So the total cost for getting a web site online works out at less than USD $1 a week.

Now all you have to do is invest your time!

Social networking sites for website promotion

One way to promote your website is via social networking sites such as and the like.

I am wondering how many other people use social networking as a website promotion tool and whether they have had any measurable success?

Some commentators are suggesting that social networking is not all its cracked up to be. One important issue is whether exposing your own personal data is a good thing and how easy it would be for fraudsters to steal your identity?

Another point from a website promotion point of view is the quality of traffic from these sites. Your average MySpace user is probably 16-22 years old, great if you have a website targeting this demographic but not so if your site requires a more mature audience.

Even advertisers have suggested that they prefer targeted niche groups to advertise to rather than the masses on social network sites.

I don’t know about anyone else but I am starting to find social networking a bit tedious and I would not be too bothered if it just went away.

Long live Web 1.0!

Earnings trends for the last two years

Here is my latest graph showing my earnings over the last two years and three months.

Working Nomad Blog Earnings

I suppose one trend to pick out is the increase in earnings around the June / July time. I also seem to slip back a bit in October which goes against my traffic reports.

Normally I receive less traffic in June and more in October yet this is not reflected in my earnings.

I guess the main trend is the upward movement and long may it continue although I expect there to be a dip after last month.

Before April 05 I have no earnings data although I was working on my sites for some time before that.

Normally I receive less traffic in June and more in October yet this is not reflected in my earnings.

I guess the main trend is the upward movement and long may it continue although I expect there to be a dip after last month.

Before April 05 I have no earnings data although I was working on my sites for some time before that.

July Earnings – A Month of Records!

Well I should start off by saying that anything I report on in the rest of this post pretty much pales in comparison to Anthony’s remarkable $10,000 month but it’s been a month of records for me as well on a smaller scale. My total earnings came in at just under $930 which is a record month. Considering I was still floating around the $100 per month range about 7 months ago I’m extremely pleased. Plus things seem to be pretty consistent month to month which is very important to me since I’ll be heading off travelling soonish and don’t want my earnings to suddenly drop back down too drastically.

Inspired by Anthony’s pie graph, here’s a chart of my own:

July 2007 Earnings

Affiliates earned me a lot more than I thought they did but seeing this graph it’s obvious how much of an impact they can have. I really need to explore this area more because at the moment I’m relying on one main program with most others only delivering a few dollars per month if I’m lucky.

I broke $200 for the first time in Adsense coming in at just under $250. I also had my first $20 day so that’s something to work towards now that I know it can be done.

I sold a few more links with Text Link Ads but my three Linkworth Advertisers cancelled so any new income from TLA was cancelled out by losing Linkworth. I’ve lowered my Linkworth price to see if I can get some back.

A major reason for my success this month is my Living in London site which I gave a huge overhaul to. I added loads of content and I think it’s filled a gap in a market that I know really well and can write about easily. It’s already getting soom good traffic even though I have yet to go on a link building crusade.

So I’m really pleased with myself, I have to say! My goal for this month is to overhaul another old site and attempt to break the $1000 barrier. August is off to a fantastic start – I’ve managed to earn nearly $100 – so I’m hoping the month carries on that way!

Earnings report for July 2007

Well just a few days ago I was expecting monthly earnings to be around $8000 but there has been a real surge and I have broke through the dream barrier of $10,000 (GBP 5000)!

My precise earnings for the month of July was $10,193 (GBP 5,041)

Now I hope this inspires everyone as to what can be achieved on the web and by working remotely, particularly the flood of new wannabe working nomads who found this site via CNN Money.

So what is my next target? I would be really happy just to be able to maintain this level but I know it is going to be difficult. July has been exceptional as it was last year.

Below is a chart of my monthly earnings broken down.

Working Nomad Earnings