Business 2.0 readers and the white-collar nomads

I was recently interviewed and photographed by CNN’s Business 2.0 magazine. The very well written article is out now in the print version and is a good read for any wannabe nomads. There is a link to an online version below.

The picture of me was taken in a village called Playford just outside my home town by the way.

The article is pretty accurate apart from it mentions the way I make money; ‘by plastering ads all over his sites’ – this is not the case people! If you do this you will not make much money at all!

Talking of money this month could exceed $8000 which in my money represents £1000 a week which I guess is a major milestone! The magic figure of $10,000 a month is becoming realistic now.

Environmentally unfriendly, thats what I am

Its been a while since I posted on here. In fact it’s been a while since I did any work but July is already a record month for earnings! Looking back at last year July was also a strong month.

I was working out the other day in a moment of boredom that in 2006 I flew once every two weeks on average. I then considered how much money I spend on airlines and what a big slice of the working nomads expenses goes on travel.

I then considered the that I left! Yea it’s not very good. In fact you could say it is pretty irresponsible. Perhaps not the long haul flights. How else are you meant to get to Australia from Europe unless you want to endure days on road?!

It is when I flew from Bangkok to KL, or Christchurch to Wellington. These shorter flights that are taken when there are road and rail alternatives.

I have driven down to Barcelona from the UK. I wonder if it is more environmentally friendly for one person to drive a car this distance or whether going by airplane would be better?

So I have been in Barcelona now for a couple of weeks and will be heading home soon in my environmentally friendly(ish) small 2 door car. Owning a car in Barcelona is not for the faint hearted.

I was only in the city on the ‘Ronta Dalt’ 5 minutes when a scooter crashed into the back of me, only a minor collision and they were ok thankfully! The real headache comes when you are not inside your car. Parking! Thats another story.

Another time I was out with a couple of friends from the Hostal and we were parked in supermarket car park. When we came out there was three angry looking guys around my car. They were shouting at us in Catalan and Spanish. We hurriedly got in the car and I sped off.

One of my friends is from Argentina and of course understood some of what the guys said. They were saying things like ‘f’ off back to Britain, don’t stay around here or we smash your car etc etc. Thats where my car stands out. British number plates and the right hand drive!

Of course this could have been a one off incident and we came to no harm but I had heard that foreign plated cars can get abuse in Barcelona.

So I am driving home. I might be stop off in Paris on the way home as I have never been there and will probably have a surf in the Basque country.

So when I go back to Barcelona it will be the high altitude way. As for my Ford Fiesta it will be going back to where I got it from; an Ebay auction.

Working Nomad Date Set

Well I’ve done it.

I’ve bit the bullet and booked a plane ticket which means my last day of work will be December 13th. My plane ticket isn’t for Asia though, it’s for Canada. The plan is to spend three weeks at home doing the visiting thing and Xmas thing before I wander off for who knows how long. I’m also going to use the time when everyone else is at work to try to work a lot on my sites and see if I can get into some sort of routine and see how well I’m able to motivate myself. Sort of a 3 week WN test period before the real deal starts.

I get back to London on January 7th and I suppose that’s when the adventure really begins! I don’t really have any set plans at the moment. The easy route would be to buy a ticket to Southeast Asia somewhere, kick back on a beach for awhile and slowly work my way up to Beijing where I plan to get an apartment for 6 months starting anywhere from March to May.

The dream plan would be to do the journey overland working down through Eastern Europe, across to Egypt somehow then up through Jordan and Syria to Turkey. Then that’s where things get a bit dicey and I’m not sure if I have the guts to take on the trip from Turkey to China overland but we’ll see what happens. I’m open to buying plane tickets enroute to jump over the scary places but I’m also up for a mad adventure so we’ll see what happens.

I’m encouraged because my earnings are creeping up from all sources. Slowly but steadily. Plus I just went back to read some of Webby’s early earnings reports to find that he earned about $700US his first month away. That’s about what I’m making at the moment so it’ll be interesting to see if my sites and earnings grow the same way his has once I can work on them full time.

That’s all for now. I know some of you are planning trips at the end of the year. Anyone else got any plans yet?

Always take the weather with you

I left a rainy England on a stormy night across the English Channel and arrived in the SW of France in similar conditions (the locals swear that it is never like this in July – it will be snowing in Buenos Aires next!).

I have just fled from the YHA hostel in Biarritz after two nights in a prison style bunk bed surrounded by 13 other males, half of which snored louder than my ear plugs could deflect. If you stay in this place make sure you ask for a room in the newer wing like I had last year!

For a mere 12 Euros more I now have my own room, cable TV, access to my room 24 hours, no snoring and Wifi. If you travel around France check out the Etap hotels.

Ok it might not be sociable like the hostel but frankly I don’t care!

The poor weather has meant that the surf has been great and my increasingly thin hair on top has not had a hot burning sun bearing down on it all day.

I am staying in the Pyranees for a night before arriving in Barcelona on Friday. I might have to be back in London on Monday and I apologise now to all Londoners if this fowl weather follows me back.

Earnings in my Absense

I’m just back from a fantastically debaucherous trip to Australia for my 30th birthday and am happy to report that my 3.5 weeks away had little impact on my income. There were a few direct link sales that expired in mid June that I haven’t been able to chase until now, but other than that things have been trucking along nicely.

I guess the main things to note are that my Adsense had its best month ever, largely due to the success of my new Living in London site which has sone really well despite not being totally finished.

One of my affiliate programs exploded, earning my a large chunk of my earnings which is a bit of a concern I guess because I want to diversify as much as possible. Other affiliate programs have been crap as usual but I’ll be looking to add some affiliated to my London site and if I can find some good matches I think I’ll be able to do well with this site. The trick is finding the right programs though, something I’ve never been too good at.

I’ve sold a few more links with TLA but at $7.50 per link per month it’s not as big an earner as I’d hoped. I’ve lost another Linkworth advertiser as well so am down to one with them which is annoying but an area I can work to improve.

So all up, my earnings came is at just over $750 which I’m more than pleased with. I’d still like to diversify more and definately want to get more affiliates performing for me because I still feel as though the money I’m earning could drop off very drastically with a few bits of bad luck.

This month I’ll be focusing on getting my London site finished, adding affiliates and boosting traffic. I haven’t done any link building at all for this site but it’s already pulling in a good number of unique visitors so I see some huge potential here.

On the road again

So I am about to leave for France after a few months back in the UK and as anyone who lives here will appreciate I am looking forward to seeing the sunshine again!

I am taking the ferry over and then driving down to Bordeaux and then on to the Basque country for a week of surf.

My Barcelona adventure starts a week after.

I have some exciting challenges ahead once I arrive in BCN. Learning a new language and getting some people on board for my next web project should keep me pretty occupied!