Still in Bangkok

Well as you know I was suppose to be going on an to Vietnam via Cambodia on Monday but instead I have been a guest at the Bangkok Mission Hospital which was not the plan!

I was admitted Sunday afternoon and was released two days later after a chest infection got the better of me! I have to say that the level of healthcare I received was excellent and if you are going to get ill in Asia then there is no better place than Bangkok!

Luckily my mate was still around to look out for me and the fact it happened while I was still here and not in Cambodia, a country where you do not want to be if in need of urgent medical attention, is something to be thankful of.

I am back to normal now and considering what to do next. I am pretty gutted I lost out on the trip and feel little motivation to go it alone now. Friends are off to Australia soon and to be honest this is more appealing to me.

So it could be Christmas / New Year in Sydney if I can find somewhere to stay!

The long road to Angkor Wat

I am joining the group for dinner tomorrow night in a new hotel before we set off of Siem Reap on Monday morning. The overland trip from Bangkok to Cambodia is pretty famous (or notorious) on the backpacker circuit in Asia.

I have yet to get a visa for Cambodia but getting one on the border should be no problem although the threat of being ripped off by officials will loom large, especially as I will have no US dollars on me.

US Dollars simply cannot be bought where I am but luckily my mate had some to help pay for my trip fees!

So Monday will be a long day but the reward will be well worth it; the largest religious complex in the World!

Back in working nomadic bliss

Phi Phi IslandsAfter a few days when I was seriously thinking my working nomad days might be over I am back in some sort of contented state of mind now. Travelling does this to you believe me!

So I am sitting here in a really cool cafe with free wifi and a great view with live coverage of the Ashes cricket in my ears (come on England!). I am feeling more motivated now to do work particularly knowing that I won’t be doing much once my Intrepid trip starts on Sunday.

My friends are all coming back to Bangkok tonight for one last night out as well so things could n’t be better. By the way the picture right is another from Phi Phi Island with my travelling companion Ryan.

Getting organised for my Cambodia / Vietnam trip

I have just realised that someone has lifted the best part of $300 (in crisp US notes) from my bag at some point since I have been away. This is despite the fact I always padlock my bag up before I leave my room!

Well in all my years of travel this is only the second time I have had stuff stolen. You may remember someone broke into Rusty Hoe last March.

The annoying thing is I had those dollars specifically to pay for the rest of the organised trip I am going on so I have to go and get more now, probably at a much poorer rate than I got back home.

I am getting my Vietnam visa over the next few days. I was planning on going to the Embassy myself but my hotel travel agent will do all the leg work for me for a small fee. That means I can concentrate on work and make back some of that stolen cash!

Working week ahead

I am in Bangkok now and as my friend is off tomorrow for a few days up north I am going to stick around here and get some work done.

My Adsense income has really started to slide and I had the poorest day for 6 months yesterday! Luckily the affiliate income is still steady.

I have free wi-fi access in my room as I am above a restaurant where the British owner has kindly allowed me the password to his connection to use anytime.

I have to visit the Vietnamese Embassy this week to get my Visa which is going to set me back quite a few dollars.

Don’t always believe the guide book!

So my friend and I are flying to Bangkok tonight after a sun-soaked week in Phuket. I have to admit that it was n’t quite like I expected (or the Lonely Planet suggested).

For instance we went out in Patong which is suppose to be the domain of rich package tourists and home to sleazy nightlife and while both were evident to some extent, it was actually very family orientated and friendly. It certainly was not as ghastly as we expected (or expensive for that matter!).

We stayed at Kata beach where the guidebook suggested the younger / backpacker folk stayed but actually even I felt very young in comparison!

Sometimes the guidebooks can put you off somewhere but you have to remember this is usually the opinion of a few travel writers.

Phi Phi Islands (re) re-visited

Phi Phi IslandsSo I am back on Phi Phi Islands in Southern Thailand just like I was last March but this time I am staying a few days here with my mate from England. You can see from the picture why the Islands are so popular! What this picture hides is the building site in front of my window!

We leave tomorrow for Phuket, somewhere I have actually not been to yet. I have never fancied the idea of Phuket as it is largely the domain of package tourists with bundles of money to spend but the Island has become popular for a reason so it’s probably worth seeing why so many flock there.

I have two weeks before I arrive in Bangkok for the start of a two week organised trip around Cambodia finishing in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

Belated October Update

I’ve been pretty slack for awhile now. Not sure what’s gotten into me. It might be the fact that I can’t seem to break $100 with Adsense and I’m finding it discouraging. Same for October, earned about $95 with $5 coming through hostel bookings.

I know full well that Adsense isn’t the way forward but it would seem to make sense that adding more content and more sites would equal at least a bit of a jump up in Adsense earnings but that’s not really proving to be the case. There’s not a lot of things that are more motivating that seeing hard work pay off financially and so far that hasn’t been the case… although I have to admit that I haven’t really been working all that hard.

I might try a totally different approach for this month and focus exclusively on getting my new affiliate program oriented site ( going well. I really need to find more affiliates for Canadian and American travellers and I might even experiment with some Adwords promotion.

It will be difficult for me because I don’t have any interest in travel insurance whatsoever! We’ll see how it goes.

Sunsets and Polar Bears

ok guys the second installment of Working Nomad TV is now uploaded to Youtube for you immense viewing pleasure. If you have my sense of humour you might even raise a smile at some of my escapades.

WNTV Two features….

– Polar bears
– Tree climbing
– Sunsets and motorbikes

Also one of our members, Cyprus for Travel has reached the golden 100 post make so congratulations to them and here is a link to their site…